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Berlin – what to do and what not to do | Glücksgeist

If you follow me on Instagram (@gluecksgeist) you probably saw all of my Berlin photos. I’ve recently went on a little trip to Berlin and had such an amazing time. I uploaded a ton of photos on my story and feed so definitely check them out. I didn’t see all of Berlin as the city is so big but I found some pretty cool spots.

Because of that I decided to write a blog post about the things you have to do when you’re in Berlin and also share some things which you can leave out.

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How I edit my photos | Glücksgeist

I got asked by a few people to do a blog post where I share how I edit my photos for Instagram and also my blog. I really wanted to do this post for ages now and tried to record my screen to show it to you in a little video clip but it didn’t work out so I am just writing down what I do instead. Hope you like this!

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My first time thrift shopping |Glücksgeist

I wanted to go thrift shopping for ages now. I saw so many youtubers and also bloggers finding the most amazing pieces for a really good price. I thought that there weren’t any good shops near where I live so I was super excited when I found this epic place on YouTube. My mum wanted to go with me together which I was so excited about, so last Friday we had a little thrift shopping adventure trip.

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