☆ About Glücksgeist ☆

Hi there.

My name is Ann-Kathrin – I am the creator of Glücksgeist. I am a german student – currently in my second semester at University & I am blogging for three years now.

Creating Glücksgeist…

As probably most of you I watched a few YouTubers who had their own blogs. I read a few and always liked the idea of having my own one. When I finished school I didn’t know which path I should take and decided to take a gap year and try to figure things out. What better time to start a blog?

Because of my very much free time I became obsessed with blogging very quickly. In the beginning literally no person read what I thought was exciting to share with the world – because of that it’s still so crazy to me that nearly 2000 people follow my blog now.

The best parts about blogging…

Being able to talk about things I am passionate about is just amazing. I met some amazing people through blogging & I am able to call them my blogger friends now. Blogging has brung me so much joy, but also taught me a lot which I am excited to give back to you.

Things I am passionate about…

I really want to focus this new year on uploading things I love. I pretty much did this before but it’s so easy to get caught up with trends and comparing yourself to others that I also uploaded things which I felt like I had to upload. I am focusing more on lifestyle posts & University things, baking and a few beauty posts every now and then – I really like to be creative and want to show that more this year.

Thanks for reading! – I am excited to get to know you.



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