Not the best christmassy day 🎄

Allgemein, christmas

Today wasn’t the best day, but we all have these kinds of days, I guess.
I tried to bake something, but it didn’t turned out really good and cute. 😥
I first didn’t wanted to post a photo of it, but nobody is perfect, so what.


I try it later maybe it actually doesn’t taste as it looks. And it isn’t quite finished yet, so we will see.

I’m just a bit sad because yesterday I was so excited and happy for christmas and life and everything and today I just feel bad. But I’m trying all to get into a better mood and maybe I just need to watch some christmas movies or videos and everything will be fine 😊😉.

Christmas will be here so soon that I actually doesn’t want to waste a day 🎄🎁.

But I also want to show you my christmas jumper and leggins so that this post has also something nice and exciting. 😊♥


I can’t remember when the last time was where I buyed a christmassy outfit, but I love it so much. I found it on forever 21 and it is so soft and nice and when I wear it I feel so good and special. ♥

Hope you all have a nice day. Enjoy every day because the christmas time gets away so fast. ⛄❄🎄🎅🎁

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