Christmas movies

Allgemein, christmas

I love watching movies so much, I mean who doesn’t? My favorite Christmas movie is ‘the polar express’. It’s so good *_*. But I also have other movies I really like to watch at this time of year. Maybe they aren’t all Christmas movies, but it really doesn’t matter.


I really like to watch ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ especially the first one when it’s winter there and Santa gives them there presents.

You can watch Harry Potter every time of the year, but they always celebrate Christmas so you definitely can watch it around Christmas time and I love Harry Potter so much. My favorite one is ‘Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban’ when they walk around in Hogsmeade. It’s just so amazing *_*.

I never watched ‘Elf’ before so I definitely  need to watch it this year. Everybody says how good it is, so I’m really excited to watch it.

I also watched when I was little ‘Home alone’ and I haven’t watched it for ages so I need to do this this year too.

And I’m going to watch all the Christmas movies they bring in TV. 🙂



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