Christmas presents 🎁🎄

Allgemein, christmas

Tomorrow is christmas eve and in germany we receive or presents from Santa on christmas eve 🎁.
This year I was quite early with buying presents and I’m absolutely ready for tomorrow. I forgot to take a picture of every present but I write down what I bought.

I think it is quite hard to buy presents for boys, but this year I knew months ago what I want to get for my brother.



I got him these two shirts which I love so much and I think they are so beautiful.
And I also got him some healthy sweets because he tries to eat healthy at the moment (on christmas?! 😁).

For my sister I got here some stuff from Lush because she said that she really want to have them. I got here something for her lips and a mask for her hands and some sweets. ♥

For my dad I bought two books because he loves reading and I bought him some sweets too.



For my mum I bought a nice cream which smells amazing and a hand soap from Lush and some sweets ♥.

I’m really excited for tomorrow and hope they all like their presents 🙈. I have to work tomorrow but they are all so lovely and at lunch time I’m finished so that’s okay 😊.

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