~ 2015 ~

Allgemein, Random

My friend from the internet (one of the greatest person on this planet) asked what my biggest achievement this year was. And I achieved some good things this year.

I got my first job a month ago and met amazing new people. That is pretty amazing. And I got some money 💰 which I spent today. 🙈

I didn’t meet my friend from the internet this year, but we became so good friends this year and I got a present for christmas from her which was so cute and I love it so much. ♥ So I have a new amazing friend who always helps me.

I finished school this year. I wasn’t really good at school, but I managed to get some points in my finals so that’s quiet good.

I also won a signed CD from Troye Sivan which is so cool.

I turned 18 this year and had an amazing day on my birthday with all the people I love. I went to my new favorite breakfast location with my best friends ♥. I baked cupcakes (they turned out absolutely bad but whatever 😁) with my best friend who I know since kindergarten. She’s so amazing and we had such good days this year too. I went to cinema to see ‘Regression’ with another amazing friend. It was so scary… . But I watched it until the end and loved it 🙊. I mean Emma Watson is just amazing ♥. And I also spent some time with my family. My mum had so many surprises for me ♥.

My favorite books this year were ‘Girl online’, ‘Girl online on tour’, ‘Paper towns’ and ‘let it snow’.




I went to see ‘Peanuts – the movie’ today and loved it so much. ♥ ‘Inside out’ is also one of my favorite movies of 2015.

But my favorite movie this year was ‘Paper towns ‘. It’s an absolutely amazing movie and I read the book loved it, watched the film and it was so freaking good. ‘The town was paper but the memories were not.’ ♥ Cara is such an amazing actress.


I went shopping today and she’s the model for ‘Mango’ and there’s two big posters of her and yes I had to take a picture of it because every time I walk pass it I have to stop and just look at her (no not creepy).


There were some great things this year and next year is going to be amazing too. I really want to go to Brighton (favorite dream city) and meet my friend from the internet. ♥ And I want to be more confident because I’m quiet nice 😉. – 2016 – ♥♥♥

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