New Year’s Resolutions

I never wrote down what I want to achieve in a new year, but I wanted to try it out this year. The main point I want to do this year is enjoy every single day and have the most amazing days with the most amazing memories.

I also would like to:

-Be more confident
-go more outside and explore
-do more with my family
-read more books
-read more books in english
-find a new job
-realise my dreams (going to Brighton)
-do more with friends
-eat healthy
-write more things in a diary to keep memories
-try more new stuff
-And I want to paint

I love eating healthy but I don’t do it all the time. I also spent a lot of time with my family but I just love being around them ♥.
I probably forgot a lot of stuff I want to change but it doesn’t matter.
I didn’t wrote down going to the gym because I don’t know. I don’t mind doing sport but I just don’t really like it 😁.

I hope your year is going to be amazing ♥.

And I hope I can go to Brighton this year because this is my biggest dream at the moment.

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