Cute little Cafés

Where I live are so many cute little restaurants or Cafés and I love it so much exploring there and try out new things.

Everytime I visit one of them I feel like I need to open my own little Café and sell Cupcakes and stuff like that 😁 (realistic – I know).

After trying more and more I now have a favorite Café for breakfast and one for desserts. I need to find one for lunch 😁.

But they are all so cute and I always feel so creative after eating there 🙈 (weird?).

I mean look at this:


😍 Amazing?! ♥

So I think I’m going to bake some Macarons tomorrow 😊. I hope they will turn out amazing and look good 🙊. If so I will post the recipe 😉.

So explore and try new things because there are so amazing cool things on this planet. ♥

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