Ellie Goulding concert ♥

Allgemein, Random

I’ve been to the Ellie Goulding concert with my best friend and omg it was amazing.

I love going to concerts so much, I’m a little bit addicted to them. I love the feeling of the loud music and to dance when nobody is really watching you. (That sounded kind of weird, I know 😁).

After a concert I feel so lucky and excited and see the world as a magical one. And I always go on Google and search for new concerts I can go to and end up disappointed because there aren’t cool ones for a time 🙈.

I’ve been to my first concert when I was 12 I think, I didn’t know the band and it felt a bit weird but I liked it. After another not so good concert I discovered the band ‘the script’. They are so amazing and their concerts are incredible. After that I knew I had to go to more concerts and I got more concert tickets for birthdays as clothes and stuff like that because I knew I would have so much more from that. Later you tell your friends or family about the things you did and not about the things you had.

So I saw Ellie Goulding and she is amazing, omg 😍♥. I was so excited to see her and my best friend and I were listening to her songs all the time. I didn’t know all of the words to the songs but was quiet good and I love screaming the words out loud on a concert 🙊.

The only thing which was a bit sad was that the audience was so boring. Everybody wasn’t going crazy they just sat there and stared at her. I think she was a bit sad about that too. Then my friend and I jumped up from our seats and sang and screamed and danced. She was a bit embarrassed, but I didn’t care about the people 😊.

The show started with the intro of her album ‘Delirium’. I’m not the biggest fan of the intro but it was so exciting and really cool.


After that she played one of my favorite songs ‘Aftertaste’ and I knew the concert is going to be amazing. 😍


Ellie performed nearly all of my favorite songs (Lmlyd, Aftertaste, Around u, Burn,  Anything could happen, I need your love) and when she performed ‘Love me like you do’ (her last song 😥😭) the audience finally freaked out. I had an incredible time. She had so many different outfits and the dancers were so amazing. I wish I could see her again ♥.

So now I can’t stop listening to her music and watching the videos I took. Amazing. ♥♥♥


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