Back again

Allgemein, Random

I don’t know why but I just forgot to post here, sorry. So I’m going to tell you what I did this week.

I am in a crazy harry potter mood and I just read all the books and watch the films. I just had the first book in german and the last two in english so I ordered the rest of the books and also my mum got me two (thank you ♥).




I love these books so much, they are so amazing and I just can’t stop reading (not the first time I read them). The best thing you can do is spend your money on books ♥ and food 😁. Although my money is like the leprechan gold… (harry potter joke 🙊).

Another book I read the last days was the diary of Anne Frank. It was really amazing. Today I went to the movie and met the main actress which was so cool and she is the nicest person and so beautiful. The movie was pretty good too.


So I’ve been reading a lot of books which I haven’t done for weeks so I really missed it. Books just are so amazing ♥.

Another thing I did this week was going to a restaurant with my best friend and we tried some new stuff they sell there. With food I am really difficult… I don’t like a lot of stuff so it actually was really good we tried some new things. And they were so amazing omg! I got a salad with fruit (never ate that together but it is so good you need to try that!) and my friend got lasagne (we shared everything). So delicious!!!


Now to end a really good sunday I’m watching some videos on youtube and maybe start reading ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. I hope you had a nice sunday too ♥

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