Friends ♥

Allgemein, Random

Yesterday I finally had a really nice afternoon. 😊The last days weren’t so good…

My best friend and I made some smoothies and omg 😍 so delicious 😍. We weren’t quiet sure what we should put in but we decided to try banana, oranges, apple juice and strawberries. 🍏🍊🍌🍓. So delicious ♥♥♥! They were so good that we made them twice 😁. And we also ate some melon  because we weren’t brave enough to put them into the smoothie. 🙈



And what is better than drinking your smoothie, eating crisps and watching ‘Cinderella’? 😁 I don’t know 😉.

I had such a nice day with my friend and I am so grateful for her ♥. She’s just so amazing.

But I wish my harry potter friend would be here too ♥♥. That would be amazing 😍.

I hope the next days are going to be as nice as my last afternoon. ♥

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