Smoothies 🍓🍏🍊🍌

Allgemein, Random

I got my smoothiemaker about two weeks ago and I am so obsessed omg!! I just want to use it every single day 🙊. Which I kind of did over the last days and I absolutely love drinking smoothies for breakfast. It just tastes so fresh and you feel so good afterwards 😍♥.

Also I really like that every smoothie tastes different. I just put in my smoothie whatever I like to put in and I never know how it’s going to be. So every smoothie is a little surprise and I always just hope that is going to turn out nice. Until know none of my smoothies tasted bad so I’m really happy about that 😊.


This one I made yesterday. I put one orange, one banana and just a few strawberries in it. I blended the smoothie and then I added apple juice until I liked the consistency.

Today the smoothie was a bit similar but I added a lot more strawberries and I think this one is my favorite so far. It tasted so good and the strawberries were frozen so it was so refreshing. 😍🍓


Also the colour looked really nice and was perfect for taking pictures for Instagram. 😉

But I really want to make a smoothie with yoghurt and oats because I saw so many recipes and never tried it, so I hope I can try it out soon. 😊

And because of all the nice smoothies I am so excited for summer and just excited for nice sunny and warm days ♥.

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