Everyday make up 👧

Allgemein, Random

I recently discovered a simple make up look I really like so I thought I could share it with you 😊.

The brushes I use are mostly ‘real techniques’ ones and for this make up look I use the three on the left side.


After  moisturizing my face I put on my make up. I use this one for years now because it is really cheap but last a good time.


After that I put on concealer whereever I need it 😉.


Then I do my eyes. A few months ago I just used eye shadows without putting a base on my eyes before but now I do and it really helps. Your eye shadow stays a lot longer and you also see the colour of the shadows a lot better.


I absolutely love trying different eye make up looks but in the morning I just do something easy and quick. At the moment I absolutely love using my bronzer as an eye shadow.


After I finished my eyes I put on some powder and then I contour my face, but just a tiny bit.



When I go to work I don’t use any lipstick but when I go out I love to use this one.



It’s so pretty 😍. All of the products aren’t expensive, but they still last really good. 😊

I hope you like my everyday make up look. ♥


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