Sunday pamper routine

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There’s nothing better than having the best chilled Sunday :).

Here are some tips to have the best Sunday <3.

I love to do face masks *_* I’m so obsessed with them and there are so many different ones to choose from. My advent calendar last year basically was a calendar full of face masks. Everyday I got a different one, so I still have a few ;).


But my favorites have to be these one, although I love every single one <3.


My skin is really dry so I love mask which really moisturize my face, but the peel-off-masks are so much fun to do.

After I finish my face mask I like to shower, if you are more of the bath type then you could do that, but I don’t like baths :D. I recently discovered this amazing product from the Zoella Beauty range and I absolutely love it.

IMG_1846.JPGIt’s a scrub and after I use it my skin feels so much softer, you should really try it out <3.

Then I love to use the body creams of the Zoella Beauty range (not obsessed at all :D).


And also the rest of her stuff 😀 ❤


There’s nothing better to wear after your nice shower the most cozy PJs. As you may know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. Maybe a bit too much :D. So these are my favorite pair of PJs at the moment.

Nothing is better to read a book after you are freshly showered and just feel absolutely comfy. At the moment I read the “St. Claire’s” (german: Hanni und Nanni) books again because I was so obsessed with them when I was little.


I so wish I could go back to the times when I listened to the stories on my cassette recorder. ❤

But at the moment I also really love to write myself. I made this diary a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited to fill it in. I already wrote a couple of entries and I just love that I can go back to it and think about the good and bad times.

And again, Harry Potter obsessed. So my diary is supposed to look like the diary from Tom Riddle.


To keep this memories is just amazing *_* But I’m not just concentrating on keeping memories, I’m also creating new ones. In this book I write all of my dreams or special events I want to discharge. I write all the things I want to do for this event in my book. For example I want to go to Brighton. So I created a list with all of the things I want to do when I’m there, some day.

I found the book on ASOS and I think it’s still available and it looks so cute.


And there’s nothing better to even bake a cake on a Sunday or just eat cake (for breakfast :D).


The best Sundays are when the weather is just amazing. But every Sunday can be an amazing pamper chilled Sunday <3.


I hope you all have an amazing Sunday ❤ and on Sundays we don’t think about anything else than relaxing <33.

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