Day in my life ☀

Today was my mum’s birthday 😍 and the sunniest day in so long ☀. I got her a few little presents and we spent most of the day together and it was just lovely ♥.

Last night I put this on the walls.


I just wanted to do something little, but my mum loved it and it looks so cool and she was so excited when she saw it 🙊. I found it on Asos.

For her presents I got here a shirt from Brandy melville which she wanted to buy a few weeks ago and a body scrub. She loved the presents. 😍


I had to work today but we had breakfast together which was so amazing. 🍍🍉


Then I had to go to work, but after work I went for dinner with my mum to one of our favorites restaurants. It was really expensive, but delicious and it was nice to be there. 😊🙈

For my outfit I wore shorts and a shirt and my new white converse. I will do a ‘Collective haul’ soon. 😊


But it was a really lovely day and I love my mum so much and I’m so grateful that I can spent so much time with her. ♥

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