Collective Haul

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Finally I can show you all of my new clothes I collected threw the last months. As the name already says I didn’t buy all at ones. Although I’m not going to lie here, some of the stuff I bought within a break from one week :D.

And yes I finally got a new job and I’m working there since April so I’m allowed to spend my money ;).


I’m actually really obsessed with ASOS…. . I would say check it out, but don’t! Otherwise you end like me :D, but to be fair, it is really nice to have some new clothes and you feel so much better when you wear them. I love ASOS so much because they have brands which you can’t find in Germany. I really like to wear clothes that not so many others wear too. If that makes sense. Like when I go to work and everybody wears the same top from H&M… Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop at H&M or other shops which are worldwide to find, but it is also really nice to wear something wich not everybody has in their closet.

The brand I discovered on ASOS is New Look. I absolutely love New Look. It is really affordable and they have everything you need and more :D. So most of the stuff is from New Look or from ASOS (ASOS the brand).

And funny story. The actually sent me their catalog because I’m such a good customer and they brought out the catalog in Germany last month and sent it to every good customer….. ups…. :D.


As I said basically all the stuff is from New Look or ASOS, I’m just going to write where I got it under the pictures when it’s not from New Look or ASOS.

I’m going to start with shirts and stuff like that.




I got this shirt from Primark with the matching bottoms as a PJ.


And I absolutely love it. Yes a bit Harry Potter obsessed, but who isn’t?! 😀

For jeans I got these two.


And because summer is coming (sometime…) I bought some shorts too.


I already have a few skirts but I don’t have a longer one, so I needed one :D. And Zoe (Zoella) wore so many cool striped skirts lately I really wanted one too.


And summer without any dresses or jumpsuits? Come on…. 😀


I really had to try hard getting the whole dress/jumpsuit in one picture 😀 Because I’m quiet tall the stuff is so long :D. But I think I managed it quiet okay.

Then I also got some new shoes (one pair from my mum (thanks mum <3)).



And I bought a watch. The last time I used a watch was 4 years ago I think… . But I don’t like the though that someday nobody can actually read a watch anymore because we are so used to our phones.

After spending so much money I needed something where I can put the rest of my money (:D… ) in, so yeah… 😀

I really have to say how amazing ASOS is and I’m so happy that I discovered it (my money isn’t but I can’t make everybody happy). I love my new clothes so much <3.



4 thoughts on “Collective Haul

    1. Wie cool 😁 muss jetzt aber mal ne asos pause einlegen… Hab am Freitag schon wieder was bestellt 🙊


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