My brother’s birthday 🎂 ♥

How hard is it to buy stuff for men. So hard! But I’ve been really good lately at finding nice presents for my brother 😊

His birthday is on Sunday and I just wanted to give him a few little presents. Because I really do love him, sometimes he’s a bit annoying but we all have our times.. 😁

A few years ago I would ask my mum what I could get for my brother and it would probably be a game for the xbox or something like that, but my brother actually aged. Crazy I know 😉. So no more games to give.

If you read my post on christmas on what I got my family for christmas you would know that I bought my brother two shirts. He absolutely love them, he doesn’t say that out loud but I know it’s true because he wears them all the time 😁. So I bought him another shirt from Asos (I mean of course, where else could you buy stuff…. Not obsessed…).



I hope the shirt fits because my brother is so tall 😬. But I really like the colour and the print. And the shirt actually is from ‘New look’ 😂.

And I ordered this lovely card. To be fair I thought it would be a bit bigger but I still think it’s really cute and I love the happy birthday banner. ♥🎂 And I think my brother is going to like it too.


M&Ms are not included 😁


But who doesn’t love a nice artsy shot.


Lipstick Kiss also not included. 😘💋


I also got him a nice plate, am I this old to actually already buy stuff like that?! But my brother likes to be organized when he eats, if that makes sense. 😁 And you could use this plate for so much so I really like it too and if I haven’t decided to take a break from buying stuff I would buy it for myself too.
As a little joke I bought him this plate for little children too 😁. We will see if he uses it 😉.

And he will get a cake too, I mean a birthday without cake come on! I don’t now if I’m going to make the cake or my dad but we will see. 🎂🎂🎂

So happy birthday my lovely crazy brother ♥ Hope you have a nice day ☀.

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