June favorites

Allgemein, Random

I wanted to do a monthly favorites post for so long but always forgot about it. But this time I’m going to do one 😍.

So where do I start… Some of the stuff I got at the end of the month but love them so much that I will include them too.

First of all my Polaroid camera. I LOVE taking pictures with it because it feels so special (maybe because taking the pictures is so expensive), but it is nice to don’t know how the picture turns out and to have the picture in your hand and not just on your phone.

And I really like to use disposable cameras too, they are the cheaper option.


For Beauty stuff I love my new lipstick from NYX, they are really incredible and last really good.


I also have a new favorite Mascara and foundation/BB cream. The Mascara and foundation are from Maybelline New York. And whenever I’m at my mums house I steal her eye shadow from Loréal because it is so beautiful *_*.



For shoes I’m so obsessed with my Birkenstock ones, I love them. They are so Comfy ♥.


And I love this jacket. It’s actually my mum’s jacket but I wear it all the time.


For music I’ve been listening to James bay, his full Album is amazing.
And believe it or not I won a recordplayer…. Crazy I know 😍 But I love my little Player so much, I mean how can you not?!

And I saw him live a few days ago 🙈🙈 he’s so amazing and so cool.

And I absolutely love the music from ‘me before you’. 🎵 and the book is so amazing 😍. 

I’m reading the second part at the moment. ♥

These are some of the things I have been loving in Jene. Let me know what you liked last month. 💟

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