James Bay concert

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I saw James Bay a few weeks ago live and it was absolutely amazing 😍. 

He’s such an amazing musician and his voice is so different and sounds just unbelievable. 

I was so excited to see him live. My friend and I planed a little trip to see him. We had to drive with the bus for a few hours to another city where he played at the evening.  

The bus drive was … long , I would say 😁.  We stood in traffic four an hour and were then stopped by two police officer who checked our IDs and looked if someone wasn’t aloud to be in Germany. That took a really long time so we came two hours late than expected. After we arrived we had to travel to my friend’s sister because she offered us that we can sleep at hers, which was really nice of her. Then we finally arrived at her flat and we were a bit exhausted but really excited for the concert. Her sister cooked us dinner (pasta 🍝) and for desert we ate some delicious strawberries 🍓. My friend was a bit the time keeper and I don’t know what she thought but we wanted to go at 6 to the concert and at six she said we’ve got lot of time.  So yeah … we were a bit in a rush and put on our clothes in minutes 😁.  We tried (she looked amazing as we would go out to a fancy meal ) to look a bit like hipsters because we thought that was kind of the vibe of the concert. So I wore my dungarees and a shirt on which stood music festival or something like that.  I really liked my outfit, it was just funny how different we two looked together . Then we finally arrived at the festival. We looked a bit at the food and the things they offered, I smashed half a liter of water in minutes because we weren’t aloud to take the bottles in and went to the toilet to figure out that they were toilets and drinks in the main concert area… ups… 😂.

We missed the band before James Bay, but we were so excited to see him. And then he came out and started his concert with the song collide which is my friend’s favourite song of the album. So that was really cool. He just had such an amazing vibe going on and I was just so happy and screamed every line out I knew. And when he played my favourite song best fake smile I was completely gone… 😂.

After the concert we were so happy and excited and everything seemed just amazing. So we walked a bit around and my friend bought herself a bracelet and ate something. Then we got back to her sister’s flat.  

We didn’t slept very well because her sister had to go to uni the next day and woke up at 6 or seven in the morning. To be honest the next day wasn’t so good. We had a horrible bus drive because the air-condition didn’t work most of the time and it was so freaking hot and the bus driver was really unfriendly and yeah .

But it was an amazing experience and the concert was so amazing 😍.  I’m so happy I did it and I’m really proud of myself because I never was a good alone traveller so yeah ☺. 

If you have the chance to see him live I definitely would go to one of his concerts. I can’t describe how amazing it was. ❤❤❤

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