Too cute to use 🤗

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Do you know that feeling of buying the cutest stuff, but it ends up somewhere in your room because it is just too cute to use? I feel you, I really do. Because I hope I am not the only one I am going to share some of the stuff I bought and had for months until I used them (some of them I still haven’t). 

First of all washi tape! OMG I am so obsessed with this. They got really hyped at one point, but I couldn’t find them. This year before easter I went to town with my best friend and we found some amazing cute colours. I am running out of them and need more but my lovely friend reminded me that they were easter specials so I am excited to go for a hunt for them at this time of the year…. 

I used them for so many presents and also to stick my Polaroid pictures on my wall. You can use them for everything. 

Next thing are flash tattoos. They are still in trend and they look so amazing, if they pill of nicely, which they don’t always 😅. My mum ordered a bunch of them on amazon because in the shops they are so expensive. The ones my mum got for us are so freaking cute, so I waited ages until I tried them out because I just couldn’t. And after a good shower they are half way off so that’s a bit sad. But if you get a few of them on amazon it’s okay 😉. 

Okay you probably saw these everywhere on pinterest or insta in every possible drink because they are just so freaking cute. 😍 I haven’t used them yet because I just can’t… these straws look so cute and how can you throw them away after you finished your drink 😭. But for a nice Picknick or summer party they are perfect, we will see when I am going around to actually use them. 

I write so often on how much I love my Polaroid camera. The pictures are just so unique and amazing and always turn out so cute and perfect. Sadly taking the pictures is so expensive OMG, so the camera literally is to cute to use but it makes so much fun and I use them on important days for me where I want to capture the moment so that I will never forget this day. 🌞🍉🍭

If you follow my blog for a bit you will know how obsessed I am with Zoella and Zoella beauty. Her stuff is so amazing and yeah you guessed it so cute! I love to use it but I just can’t throw the empty package away… they are still in my room, for decoration or so… I don’t know what to do 🙈.  Especially her hand creme 😍. I’ve got so many, full and empty… 

I bought these candles for the cake for my friend for her birthday but it was really hard to give them away. They look so nice 😍. I love the colours and the glitter which gets everywhere….

But my friend really loved them so that’s okay 😊.

I also have really really nice muffin cups which I got for birthdays and stuff like that. So I try to use them for special baking missions but they run out so fast.

These ones ☝ I got from my best friend for my birthday and she actually bought them in America which is so cool. I think I leave one of them as a memory and won’t use it. That’s actually a really good idea 🤔.

For my 18th birthday my friend got me a pipping set and for decoration these were on top.

How am I meant to wipe my face with them? 🙈😅 I just can’t….

I wanted to do a nice movie night with a friend of mine. So I ordered these popcorn things to put our sweeties in. Sadly she didn’t came that night and we never did our movie night but now I have these ones 😍 and don’t have to use them and can just look at them because they look so cool.

I’m not going to school anymore but I am still using a calender I mean who isn’t. I got this one for my 18 birthday so this one feels really special to me ❤.

It’s kind of funny how nice I wrote in the beginning and how the pages look now in my calender… 😅. But I can never throw this one away. I never have thrown a calender of mine away. I love to keep them for memories. There are so many cute notes from my friends when I was in school or stuff like that. In my calender at the moment literally is all my life, everything I have been doing, I put there every cinema ticket in, write down my moods and special days… I think this one is one of my most important memory thing I am going to keep forever… I just love it so so much. ❤

I also really love the package of my two shower gels at the moment 😍. I sadly have to get rid of them when they are empty because I run out of space where I can put them but yeah… I think I need to think about some ways on how to recycle them.

I really love my tanya burr cosmetic nail polishes and because I have to order them because they don’t sell them here it is so hard to use them and don’t fear that they run out 🙊🙈.

In the end it is just so nice to have these little cute things ❤ which lift your mood just by looking at them.

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