Things I would like to do again for the first time 

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Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time and rediscover your love for certain things again? Reading the fault in our stars without knowing what will happen and crying out your soul? Watching the first Harry Potter movie and following the journey? I wish! In hope I am not the only crazy one who thinks about that, I am going to list some of the things I wish I could watch, read or do again, for the first time. 

First of all reading and watching Harry Potter!!! When I first read the book ,that feeling, it was just so amazing. I was so excited 😍. And just the unknowledge of what happens next ❤. Amazing ❤.

I had a really big phase with Harry Potter. I went on YouTube and searched for behind the scenes videos or any kind of interviews our clips I could find. I don’t think there is a Harry Potter video I haven’t seen already. I watched them after school and they calmed me so down, but made me even more excited on Harry Potter. I know this sounds a bit weird, but I really love the books and movies, I really do, but what I actually love about Harry Potter is how many people came together because of this. How many friends are just friends because they had one thing in common, Harry Potter. 

I actually know my friend Jenny because of Harry Potter and I am so happy we both decided to read the books and watch the movies because otherwise we wouldn’t write with each other. ❤

And even after all these years, harry potter is still a thing. No one has forgotten about it, everyone stills loves it, still read the books and the movies. How amazing is that?!

Also going back to the Harry Potter instagram time where I spoke with people under Harry Potter pics about every second of the movie or every line of the book and after a time about life in generale. To actually have one of these people in my life now is so crazy.

I also would love to read ‘All the bright places’ again without knowing the story. I read the book recently and it is by far one of my favorite books. I love it so much 😍. 

I couldn’t take the book down 🙈. I love Finch’s character so so much. ❤

Reading and watching ‘Me before you’. OMG! The book and movie are so incredible amazing. ❤❤❤ I watched the movie about a hundred times already! And when I read the book I cried out my eyes like OMG 😂.  Most amazing book and movie!!! 

I also read the second part ‘After you’ and really loved it. But I think the first one is my favorite ❤.

I also would love to watch a Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, tanya burr, niomi smart, Alvie deyes, thatcherjoe, caspar Lee, Tess Christine, claudia sulewski and bianca8198 video again and rediscover my huge obsession with these people. Reliving the moment when I felt so loved and understood and how the changed my look on my life and how they changed it. I can’t quiet describe how much they actually mean to me without sounding crazy. I am so thankful on what they have done for me. They gave me a smile when I needed it and made me feel understood when I was sad. ❤ To reliving this moment would be so amazing but I never going to forget (hopefully) how they made and make me feel by watching their videos  ( I hope that doesn’t sound weird 😅).

Also how cool would it be to watch pretty little liars again? To feel the suspension again? Not knowing how A is (I mean we don’t know who A emoji or A uber is but still). Or watching revenge again or the vampire diaries and the originals. It would be amazing. ❤

So excited to see the third season of the originals which starts soon 😍. I always watched it with my best friend who is now in Thailand but it still will be amazing. ❤

I also would love to hear a one direction song for the first time. I really love their music and I had and have sometimes a phase where I just watch videos from their concerts all day. I so wish I could see them live someday. They are really amazing and their movie ‘This is us’ means really much to me. I watched it a few years ago every night in my summer break and these nights were the best. I remember so good how excited I was watching it for the first time. I absolutely love this movie. It makes me happy every single time I watch it and gives me chills no matter how often I already watched it. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird… 😅

I also would love to go back to the first time my best friend and I baked Cupcakes and discovered our love for them. They were so amazing and we were so excited ❤. It was one of the best days ever. 

We just had so much fun and it became a big part of our long friendship. It is so nice to have a thing that just you two are doing together. ❤ 

I wish there was a way of reliving these moments but because there isn’t I am always going to keep them in my heart. That’s probably the best way … ❤.

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