Seeing a sneak peak of Rocky

My amazing mum got me, my sister, herself and her boyfriend tickets for a little sneak peak event for the musical rocky. She also got some tickets for me and my sister to go to a little backstage tour before the show. So that’s what we did today 😍.

My sister first didn’t really want to go there but because of me she went. It was a little bit stressful because she decided that she wants to go 20 minutes before our train left so yeah 😅 but we made it and I am so happy she went with me because it was quiet fun. 

The backstage tour was really really short but was free which was amazing. I went to two backstage tours before and they were so amazing. This one was cool too, but as I said short. We saw the apartment of Rocky, the box ring, and the pet shop from a little distance and heard a few facts about the musical. Then the tour ended, but it was nice 😊. 

And we were allowed to take some pictures which was a bit weird because normally you aren’t allowed to do that. 

They had lots of things going on the whole day, little sing sessions and box fights and stuff like that which was quiet nice to see. But I was really excited to see the little show and I loved it. ❤

The first half of the show they showed us how they do certain effects, sounds, where the Orchester is, light effects and stuff like that. They showed a scene where Rocky wakes up and goes running after drinking 4 eggs. First they showed us the scene without any light and sound effects. Then they added bit by bit more effects and it was just so cool to see how they do it and how many people work for one show and how much effort everyone puts in it. The caller who says when a light should shine or a thing should move explained what he did and we heard his voice by doing it which was so cool because normally you don’t get to see or hear that. 

Then the little show started and we heard a few songs and saw a few scenes. For example we saw the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ scene which was so incredible amazing 😍. And some of the actors (Rocky too) looked really good which was nice to see 😅😁. 

Just the female actor wasn’t sooo good but yeah 😉.

Now I want to go to the proper musical. 😍

Oh and can I just point out how much I loved my outfit today 😍. I like to dress up a bit for these kinds of events so I wore nice black pants and a white see throw shirt (I wore something underneath the shirt). I was just so happy that I was there ❤.

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