Seeing my Internet friend for the first time 

Allgemein, Random

As some of you might know I have a friend which I know from the Internet. I know it sounds a bit crazy but she is one of the nicest person I know and I am meeting her for the first time on Saturday which I am so excited for.

We Skyped and talked before so it is a bit less crazy 😁 I hope so 😅.

We know us from instagram which sounds a bit weird but we both love Harry Potter and that was all we needed to become friends. ☺

I was a bit nervous meeting her because it just felt a bit strange but I was more excited to finally see her after writing with her for ages. I picked her up from the train and took her to my flat and first of all showed her my room. We just sat there and talked for ages and both said how crazy it is that we finally meet each other and yeah. The time flew by…. 

I always told her how amazing the cute little cafés around my flat are so we had to go to one. I went to the one I went before and wasn’t so sure if I 100 percent like it but wanted to try it again to actually be sure about it. And this time it was a lot nicer, of course just because of my Internet friend 😉. 

We clinked glasses on Instagram without we wouldn’t know each other. 🍻

I ordered some fruits with yoghurt  (so obsessed with that) and she ordered pancakes which looked so incredible tasty. 

So we just sat there and ate and talked and it was just so amazing. 🍉

Which was so cool was that they played ‘The sound’ by 1975 (my favorite band at the moment) in the little café. Maybe I was a bit too excited.  😂😍🎶

After finishing our little lunch we decided that we need an ice cream. To be fair it is so hot outside like crazy. ☉🌞 So we bought some delicious ice cream (she loves ‘cookies’ too ) and sat down to eat it and talk more. 

And of course we took a Polaroid picture together so I could stick it to the others on my wall. 📸😍

Then it sadly was time to say goodbye and I brought her to her train 😢. But we are definitely going to see each other again. 

I had such an nice day and it was so cool to finally see her 🙊. She really is an amazing friend to have. ❤

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