Seing nerve and having an amazing day 

Allgemein, Random

Yesterday was such an amazing day and I didn’t expected the day to be so good 😍. I had an appointment with my mum in the evening to go to cinema together and I was so excited about it.

For the morning and mid day I basically just chilled.  I wrote down some new blog posts and uploaded the pictures from my Italy weekend. But I also discovered a new YouTuber I really like, her channel is called fabulous hannah and I really like her. I did know her before from gabbys videos and stuff like that but I proper watched one of her videos yesterday for the first time. I can’t get over that she actually is younger than me, I find that so crazy… I don’t feel so old 🙊😅.

And I don’t know why but she calms me down so much. She really does and I love that I feel so good when I listen to her.

But after watching her videos I just got ready for the evening and put on my new favorite romper. The romper is from New look and I am so obsessed with it. I wore it 3 days in a row and I am going to wash it tomorrow so that I can wear it on Saturday again when I meet my friend from the Internet for the first time. I am really excited to see her so I want to wear something super nice and I am really loving and feeling nice and that’s my romper at the moment.

I also spent my day listening to musical songs and OMG !!! I uploaded a blog post about seeing a sneak peak of Rocky and I wrote how much I want to see the proper musical and I am doing that really really soon and I am so excited for that day 😍😍😍. They have an amazing offer at the moment so I am sitting in the first row for half the price it normally would cost, how crazy is that 🙊.

And I also discovered a new playlist on Spotify which is called summer chill I believe and there is a song called give up by javeon and I really like it. I listen to it the whole time I got ready. 🎵🎶🎤

But then it finally was the evening and I met up with my lovely mum. We went food shopping before going to the cinema, I kind of like doing that. But then I finally it was time to see the movie. We did the sneak preview thing again (we love to do that) where you don’t know which movie you are going to see, it is amazing you need to do that. We go to these to two different places. A few weeks ago the place where we go more often to played a movie I so wanted to see and I am so excited about, so I was a bit sad that I missed it, but yesterday they played that movie in the second place where we were!!!!!! I freaked out like literally I was so so happy 😍.

I saw NERVE with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco! The movie is so so amazing! I loved it like every second of it. It was so suspenseful and the performances of Emma and Dave were incredible as well as the performances of all the other actors. And the soundtrack is so good and cool! Listening to it at the moment.

But the movie was so good! And had a really good message too, if you have the chance to see it, do it!

And what was so cool too was that I got a Now you see me 2 poster before the movie started. In this place they throw so many poster threw the room and you need to catch them and you don’t know from which movie they are and we got the Now you see me 2 one! I saw the movie in a sneak too and did a post about it.

So I had an incredible day and I fell asleep super happy 😍❤. It’s just the little things that really matter in life and which can lift your mood up so incredible much. ❤

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