Rome in one day

I was on holiday in Italy again. We stayed near Pisa and Florence so not quiet near Rome but because my mum and I have been to Rome before and absolutely loved it we really wanted to go there again. So we got in the car and drove their for about 4 hours, but it was worth it!

When I visited Rome for the first time it was with my school and you know how school trips work.. always stressful and sometimes really boring. Although I had a nice time with my friends it wasn’t as chilled as I wanted.

The good thing with visiting a city with your family is that your mum will take the lead and you don’t have to worry about ways and directions 😅.

We parked near the Colosseum which seems to be crazy because you think it will cost you 100s of euros but we paid 4 euros for the whole day ✌🤓.

So we first went to the Colosseum and showed it to my little sister who has never been to Rome before. I love the Colosseum so much it is so impressive and just so crazy.

We didn’t went inside because it actually is quiet expensive and I already saw it and my sister didn’t want to go and because we just been in Rome for a few hours we also didn’t have time for that.

After that we went to a restaurant because the drive made us so hungry. Of course I ate some pizza 🍕. The restaurant was quiet nice except for all the pigeons flying around. And after we were full and happy we went to the Trevi Fountain which I haven’t seen really before.

When I visited Rome they had to do something on the Fountain so you couldn’t see much. But wow! I was so impressed on the look of it and of course I threw a coin into the water and wished me something.

I can’t say what my wish is but it was really fun to do because so many people did it.

To be fair Rome wasn’t as crazy full with people as 2 years ago when I went but still there were a lot of people which can be a bit annoying not going to lie.

After that we made our way to the Pantheon which is my favorite sight of the city. When I first stepped into it I was more than just impressed I really was speechless. It is so gorgeous!

The building has a big hole in the middle of the roof which isn’t actually possible but it is there so yeah 😅.

The thing with Rome is that you really have to include your imagination to understand the city. It is incredible how the built everything at that time. To think how they walked into the Colosseum and fight there is just mind-blowing…

Of course I had to take some Polaroid pictures and I love them so much! I think they turned out so cute.

The weather on the day was really beautiful because it was really sunny but it was really hot too so it was quiet hard walking the whole day. We went to see a few other things in Rome and then took the train back to our car because we were too tired to walk everything back.

I had a really nice day in Rome. The city is so amazing and beautiful and full with such amazing things. ❤

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