Excited for fall and Christmas in summer 

Allgemein, Random

I’m really excited for the upcoming seasons 😍🍁🍂🍃🎃☃🎄🎉. Although I do like a nice summer it’s always a bit too hot for me so I really get excited for the nice weather in fall. Going outside on nice walks and seeing the colour of the trees change is one if my favorite things about fall.

And after fall we have Christmas which I am really really excited about not going to lie. I can’t wait to finally bake Christmas cookies and buy presents for my family and feeling festive and happy. ❤ 

But the good thing is I get excited for every season. At the end of winter I get excited for spring then for summer and so on. I really like to plan the things I am going to do in the next season so I do have some Christmas ideas and things I want to do in fall. 😅

Because my birthday is in October I want to have an amazing month and especially have an amazing birthday. My friends are sadly all over the world but I can go to cinema and don’t have to pay for my ticket because it’s my birthday so day sorted 😉. And I have my incredible lovely family which is the most important part of my day anyway. ❤🎂🍰

I am really happy to live in a country where I can experience every season. And I am so excited to share my fall and Christmas posts I already planned. 🙊 So get excited for them 😍. 

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