A week without my phone

On my holiday I didn’t look at my phone as often as I would at home. I also didn’t have Wi-Fi so I couldn’t check instagram, twitter, snapchat and all of the other social media sites. I don’t think I need my phone that much and are nothing without it so I really enjoyed that week without checking my phone every minute. 

The only thing I used my phone for was listening to music when we drove somewhere and taking pictures. I love taking pictures so so much. 📸 I really like to capture a moment. But on my week in Italy I actually just took a handful pictures. I didn’t wanted to get my phone out. Here’s the thing. I had my Polaroid camera and a disposable camera with me. I love these kinds of camera so much because you don’t know how the picture is going to turn out. For the disposable camera pictures you have to wait at least 1 week to see the final results. I love that. I am always so excited to see the pictures and how they turned out. And I do forget on which days I used it and what I took pictures off. 

As much as I love the good quality of the camera of my phone I sometimes don’t like taking pictures with it. Because then the pictures have to turn out perfect and the selfies have to look super cute so that you can upload them to instagram. In my holidays I don’t want to do that. There are things I really want to capture but I don’t think you have to share everything in your life. 

We went to the beach in the evening and it started getting dark so we had an amazing colourful sky. You can’t take a picture of it because it will never turn out as amazing as it is in real life. I really just look at it and try to keep it in my head not in my phone. 

That’s the reason why I am not uploading many photos from my holiday because I just didn’t take any. Of course my family did take some so we have some memories to look at but for the most part we just enjoyed the look of the different things. If something is so nice that you think you have to take a photo of it, I think you aren’t going to forget it. ❤

What was really funny was when I got home YouTube was full with new videos. I had so much to watch and get excited about. ☺ But for me it wasn’t necessary to watch them on holiday. I don’t care if I am one of the last persons to see a certain video or to watch a certain episode. Spending time with your family is the most amazing thing and I am so lucky I can do that and had an amazing time in Italy.❤ 

Sometimes it’s just nice to actually use the turn off button of your phone. 📱🔋

2 thoughts on “A week without my phone

  1. Haha I can kinda relate. When I got home I had over 200 videos to watch and tbh I wasn’t so “attached” to my phone when I got home from my holiday. I wish I had a Polaroid camera haha xx

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    1. Yeah, you really need a few chilled days to get up with everything 😁
      I love mine so much but before I just used disposable cameras and they are so much fun too and much cheaper 😉

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