Seeing Rocky the musical 

After seeing a sneak peak of Rocky I had to see the proper musical. And it was amazing 😍. I really liked it ❤.

First I got ready which was hectic as always and we drove to the location. We took a Polaroid picture in the car and went out. I went to a few musicals before but there was never so many security people as yesterday… because of all the things which happened this year….

Then we ordered a table for the break so that all our stuff is laying on the table when we go out and we don’t have to  queue (best thing ever). 

We had tickets for the first row so we had to get in the theater a little bit earlier. At the end of the show the first 6 rows are sitting on the stage so a lovely girl told us what we have to do (just be quick).

Then the show started. I love sitting right at the front because the actors always look down and smile at you and that’s just the best feeling 🙈. But there was a scene where we couldn’t see anything because of the propd so maybe they should think about that….

What was really annoying was the row behind us. 3 stupid old ladies thought it was okay to scream everything what’s going to happen out loud and they laughed out so loud about every single stupid joke…. I hate that 😅. Of course you can laugh and be excited but what they did was just not okay and the security guys were really annoyed with them later too.

I always love when not everything they do on the stage is perfect. I hope that doesn’t sound weird but it feels so much more human and nice when a certain thing flies away too far or stuff like that. ❤ This time the money flew into the auditorium  😉.

Rocky is a really nice musical but I was so nervous going up on stage in the end. I just hoped that I won’t fall down 😂.

But I really don’t understand the people from that day … . Everyone had to sit in the first row so no one went past the first row on stage and it got really hectic and stressful for us and the security guys. 🙈 But it was such a cool experience. 

Normally you aren’t allowed to take any pictures but because rocky is going soon because they are too less people watching it, they allowed us to take some at the end and we were allowed to take some pictures with the actors (except for the main actors ).

And the picture turned out amazing thanks to the guy who stood before me and hold up his hands right before my face…. some people are just so nice 👍. The guy I took the photo with sayed to this little boy can you please wait a second she’s taking a picture with me but he didn’t care. 👍

I also did a photo with my sister and my mum and the lovely security lady asked if she should take the picture which was so nice of her. When I see someone taking a picture I wait and don’t walk into the picture but the people yesterday just went for it….. thank you 😅. The security lady screamed at the end that the people should wait a freaking second … wow…. 

But I loved going there ❤. Musicals mean so much to me and I am so happy I got the chance to see rocky. The actors were amazing and the evening was just so incredible ❤. 
What was really sad was that half of the Theater wasn’t sold out so there were just a few people there… which is just so sad for the actors to look down and no one’s really there.  😓 But I screamed really loud for them so 🤗😉.

I can’t stop listening to the songs now 😅. Want to go and see it again ❤.

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