Watching ‘Me before you’ under the stars 

Allgemein, Random

I can’t describe how much I love the book ‘Me before you’!❤ I think it is one of the most heart touching stories that exists. And Jojo Moyes did such an amazing job writing it. 

I already watched the movie about a hundred times because it is so good. I love Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke so much 😍. The music of the movie is amazing, everything is just so perfect.

My mum, sneaky as she is ❤, knows how obsessed I am with the movie so she booked tickets to see the movie again. But here’s the thing we saw the movie outside under a sky full of stars 😍⛺🌃🌙🌟🌠.

My mum went to this kind of event before a few times and I wanted to do it for so bad. Because the movie is loved by so many the dates for our town where sold out in hours. But my mum didn’t give up and got us tickets for a different town which isn’t far away. So before we went to holiday, the evening before, we went to see the movie again.

My sister hadn’t seen it at the time so I was really excited on her opinion and about the whole experience. And OMG! First of all the location where they played the movie was incredible. It looked like we left time and where at a castle with a king and a queen. So amazing! Sadly we were a bit stressed with packing our stuff for holiday that we were one of the last that came and had to sit in the first row which wasn’t so great because we had to look up to see the movie. But I still loved the whole evening and it was so magical there.

Because the event was sold out the atmosphere was amazing. On the part of the movie were you laugh everybody did that and when it was sad so many shared tears. All the people who went there were so happy and excited and I can’t wait for next year to go to one of these again.

We also were incredible lucky with the weather. Because it is outside you have to deal with rain, wind and everything. It was a bit cold after a time but I still loved it and yes if you can do something like it do it!

It’s crazy how many amazing things I did this year and I am doing soon… 🙈 I am really so lucky about every thing I am able to do. ❤ Thank you Mum ❤

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