October the first 🍂🍃🍁

It’s officially fall now and because October is one of my favorite months it’s just super special to me. ❤

I “celebrated” the first day of October with my Internet friend. She moved near my town which is just the best thing ever ❤ and we went to town yesterday.

First we went to the cinema to get our tickets to see Nerve. Then we went to TK Maxx because my friend officially is a student now and she needed a few little things for her room. But we were really disappointed with the store, we thought all the stuff would be really cheap but nope. 

After that we went to a little coffee shop and she got a frozen berry drink which is kind of a cold thick smoothie thing and I got a hot chocolate which tasted so delicious ☕. My first one for this season.

After that it was time to see the movie. 😍🎥🎬📽 For me it was the second time but because I love the movie so so much I persuaded my friend to see it too and she really liked it. The movie is just so good and I love Emma Roberts and Dave Franco so much. 

After the movie we just walked a bit around and talked for ages. We also went into a photo booth in Urban Outfitters and took the most hilarious photos ever. But I really like them and it just ended the day so perfectly. 

I am so excited for the next time she comes to visit ☺.

I hope you had a lovely day too. 

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