Happy birthday Jenny 

Allgemein, birthday

I mentioned my lovely friend from the Internet a few times here. It was her birthday a few days ago and I wanted to include her in my birthday week because she became a really good friend of mine.

We both love Harry Potter as you might know. Ages ago I bought some Harry Potter PJ bottoms. I showed her the ones I got on snapchat and she really liked them. Of course she already has loads of Harry Potter stuff but I wanted to get her a pair as well as a little gift. I have them for about more than 4 months know 😅 I hope she is going to like them.

I still can’t get over the fact that we are friends because of Harry Potter and instagram but yes, I am so happy about it. 😍

I’m also going to make a card for her. 😊 I love doing stuff myself and being creative. Although Asos has some pretty cool birthday cards it really means a lot if you do it yourself.  All the effort. I hope it turns out cute. 

Well…. it didn’t turn out cute otherwise you would have seen loads of pictures… I think I just buy one… 😅.

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