19 things I learned in 19 years 

Allgemein, birthday

I saw Fabulous Hannah doing a video on 18 things she learned in 18 years and I loved the idea so I wanted to do a blogpost like this. And because today is my birthday it fits perfectly 🎂. 

The things I am going to list are in no particular order. 

1. Books are incredible 

I started reading tons of books when I knew how to read. I love reading so much and I hope I never stop doing it. Getting to create your own world with the words of the book is so cool.

2. Learning never stops 

3. Family time is the best time ever

I love spending time with my family so much ❤. I don’t find it boring or something like that. The most amazing days I had with my family and I am so incredible happy for them. I love them so so much. 

4. YouTube is the most amazing thing online 

I am so obsessed with YouTube. I am not even going to try to list all of my favorite youtubers but they make me so happy. It’s so weird but amazing how one video can make you happy, make you cry or just feel understood. I have the biggest respect for all the people sharing their life online and making people happy with that. I think it’s one of the best jobs ever.

5. Household stuff is really fun

I don’t know if I am the only one but I love ironing, cleaning the dishes and hoovering. Of course I sometimes get bored or annoyed of it but all in all it makes so much fun. Especially now that my mum has speakers in her kitchen I’m listening to my music as loud as you possible could and that makes cleaning the dishes really fun. ( I sound really crazy sorry 😅😅)

6. Leaving stuff to do for last minute never turns out really good 

Homework, cleaning, packing or something like that you shouldn’t leave to do for last minute because it is so much more stressful than it has to be. I mean I did that in school loads with homework and stuff like that but yeah, just don’t do it… makes life so much easier.

(Sorry Dan 😅 (‘I nearly blinded myself’ -Danisnotonfire))

7. Putting eye liner on is one of the hardest things you will ever have to deal with in your life  (*jokes*)

I improved putting eye liner on but because I wear glasses and can’t really see clear with one of my eyes closed it doesn’t always turn out so good… and still if I could see it’s just too hard let’s be honest! I don’t understand how people can do catflicks or stuff like that when I struggle with a simple line above my eye. 😂

8. Pizza makes everything better 🍕

No explanation needed.

9. Spotify is the best thing  ❤🎶🎵

I remember the times where I spent so much money on iTunes buying every song I loved…. oh God 😅.  Spotify is so amazing especially because my family decided to get spotify family ❤. Best thing ever!

10. Potatoes are the best food ever!!! 

When you hear the word German everybody thinks that we eat just potatoes let’s be real. But I actually love them so much 😅. When I was younger we always ate them on my birthday because I love them so much 🙈. And you can do so many things with them… chips, mashed potatoes…. they’re just amazing.  😂

12. One direction is one of the best bands on this planet (hands down)

I love them so so incredible much. I am watching ‘This is us’ at the moment as I am writing this 😅.  #notsorry 

They are really amazing and my mood lifts so much up whenever I’m listening to one of their songs. ❤

13. Face masks are so much fun!

Yes I am currently doing a face mask as I am writing this 😅😅. I discovered them a few years ago and OMG! They are so amazing. They really helped me dealing with my dry skin and there are so many different ones that you will never get bored off. 💅👍

14. Smiling makes you look so much more beautiful 😊

15. Olives are one of the most disgusting things (Sorry)

16. Enjoying the little things ❤

Enjoy a beautiful sunset, your favorite meal, a nice TV evening with your family, a good cinema go or a nice chat with someone. It’s the little things that matter in life.

17. Going on Asos is just dangerous 

18. Friendships maybe don’t last forever but your family will always be there for you ❤

19. Staying up late is amazing 

Some of the thoughts you are going to have at night or the things you do are just the best little things in life. Watching YouTube videos, chatting with a friend or just thinking about how wonderful the world can be. 

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