Fall drinks / food


Fruit tea 😍 best thing in the whole world ❤. Especially tea, I drink so much of it in the more colder seasons. 🍵

kinderpunsch- it’s the child version of mulled wine. I don’t drink alcohol and I think mulled wine just tastes disgusting so I always drink the non alcoholic alternative. And OMG! My sister and I go threw so many bottles because it is just so freaking delicious. 😍

Hot chocolate of course! ☕ I love a good hot chocolate who doesn’t?! With loads of whipped cream, delicious ❤. 

My first hot chocolate this season. 🍂🍁☕

For food it’s time to eat waffles, loads of pancakes and crêpes. 

I found this new café in my town and wow it is so amazing. And they do blueberry pancakes 😍. Sosososososooooooooooo delicious!!! 

Their waffles are pretty good to ✌. 

I just love eating more sweet stuff when it’s colder. ☃

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