Changing my name 

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I know it is spooky week but I really wanted to write about this. Nearly one year ago I made this account. I started blogging and discovered how much I love it. It makes so much fun blogging about food or just a day in my life. I love reading threw my post. It is just like an online diary full with all of the things I did I in my life, full with the thoughts I had and with people who are so important in my life.

When I created this account I didn’t really think about an unique name. I didn’t know how to call my website so I just took my nickname and the year. But now this website means so much to me as cheesy as it sounds, so I wanted to change the name into something more personal. I share so much about myself that I thought the name has to fit a bit more.

So here it is, my new name of this blog. Glücksgeist 

It’s the nickname of my best friend and also my nickname. We call each other the same. It isn’t really an official german word. 

‘Glück’ means luck and ‘Geist’ means ghost.

My best friend and I love to play Mario 8 on the Wii as you maybe know. We always play as the same characters and the computer gave us a team name -Glücksgeist. So it became our name and because I love my friend so much and it became a big part of myself my website is now called Glücksgeist. 🍀👻

I know this doesn’t really go with spooky week or better weeks as I am doing two but the ghost part in my name maybe is a little excuse to this. ☺

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