Non too spooky movies 🎥👻📽🎃🎬

Allgemein, Halloween

Because I am not into Horror and stuff like that I am going to list some movies you can totally watch on Halloween without destroying the theme of it.

First of all the Harry Potter movies and especially the first one. Harry Potter is just perfect for every season because it just mention every season. And in the first one you can see the Halloween fest they throw every year so it is just perfect 🎬. 

If you are looking for some little jump scares I would definitely watch the spooky week on ‘DanandPhilGAMES’. It’s scary but because of them you can laugh afterwards without freaking out 😉. 👻

I know they aren’t movies but they are so much fun to watch!

Pretty little liars is also amazing to watch. It’s gripping but not too spooky. And they have a Halloween episode in nearly every season so a Pretty little liars marathon on Halloween is perfect. 🎃📽

Sherlock! Who doesn’t love a good detective series! I’m currently watching all the episodes and they are so freaking amazing 😍❤.

‘Regression’. Okay this movie really is spooky and gripping and with tons of jumpscares. I went to see it last year on my birthday just because Emma Watson is playing the main role in it. I would never ever watched it otherwise but it is a really really good movie. But I am also not going to lie it is really scary. I don’t want to give too much away but I could sleep fine after watching it in the evening because of how it ends. So it is a bit. Just keep in mind how amazing Emma Watson is and then it’s fine. 😉🎃🎥

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