Series I am currently watching 

Allgemein, Random

Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

OMG!!!! I never watched a full episode of it but wow! One of the best series in the entire world. It is so gripping and I love Sherlock so much. I am so obsessed with it at the moment. How am I meant to wait for the new episodes?! 

Gilmore girls 

This series is so cute and just so lovely to watch. I love all characters who are a part of this series ❤. And the most amazing thing is that there are 7 seasons with tons of episodes. ✌

the Originals 

I love this series so much! I always watched it with my best friend and for ever season finale we would meet and eat pizza. Best times ever ✌. I actually prefer it to Vampire diaries at the moment if I am honest. 


A friend of mine told me about this series and I knew I would absolutely going to love it. Every episode is full with so many things, I just love it ❤.

The German version of ‘Great British bake off’

I love baking so much! As you might know 😉. So of course I love a good baking series and this time I really have a handful of favorite bakers who I want to win 😍.

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