Watching Tatinof with my Internet friend 

Allgemein, Random

I had such an incredible nice day with my friend from the Internet. 

First we went to Primark and I bought the cutest Mickey Mouse PJ set 😍 and some hangers (copper!) too.

Then I found a scratch it off map for just 5 euros. I was so excited about this but I gave the map to my lovely little sister because she always wanted to have one of these. ❤

After that we went to a party decorations shop and I bought a balloon for my mum on which stands ‘I love you’ ❤. She was so excited when I gave her the balloon and she just loves it. Best mum in the whole world.

After our little shopping trip we went to my flat and finally watched ‘Tatinof’ together 😍. I wanted to this with her since I found out that they are making a movie of the show. And it was so much fun watching it with her. And yes we draw whiskers on our noses which was just the best thing ever 😅.

Sadly the time flew by so we didn’t mange to watch the full documentary but we are going to do that really soon.

I also baked chocolate brownies and an apple pie the day before she came so that we had something nice to eat whilst watching the films. And I’m really proud, my apple pie tasted so delicious. 🍏🍎🎂🍰

(Recipe is coming soon)

I had such a nice day with her ☺.

2 thoughts on “Watching Tatinof with my Internet friend 

  1. Ayyyyy! TATINOF is actually incredible! It’s so emotional though!!! Omg the Internet is here aghhhh the feels!!! It’s so funny though I’ve seen it like 4 times lmao! And meh don’t worry to much about the documentary its emotional but not key ☺️❤️


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