First day in Hamburg 

Allgemein, travel

I woke up at 7 am, got dressed quickly and then we drove to the airport. The flight was really good, I just slept the hour and listened to ”Mascara’ -Megan nicole, ”Hands to myself’ -Fareoh remix and ‘Alarm’ -Anne Marie.

We landed, got our stuff and took the train to our hostel which is just so cool and instagram heaven.

We used the ‘HVV’ app which shows you which train or bus you have to take and it’s free, so it was really easy finding your ways.

Then it was time to explore the city. We were super hungry  (HANGRY) so we went to a restaurant called Vapiano and ate some pizza and pasta. 

After that we looked around the shops for a bit and I got some amazing new shoes 😍.

We were so tired after walking around the town so we went back to our hotel and just chilled and watched a bit TV until we fall asleep. 

It was a really nice day just a bit cold and cloudy ☺.

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