Seeing lion king 🦁👸

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Finally it was time to get ready and see the musical ‘lion king’. I was so so excited to finally see it. 

Before we got ready we went downstairs to have some breakfast and wow, the breakfast was amazing. There were loads of bred and you could make waffles for yourself and there was cheese, eggs, fruit, just everything you could need and eat.

Then we went out to look around the little shops and yes I found some stuff 🤗. A lovely cosy jumper.

And this cute shirt 👕.

And then it was time to go back to the hostel and get ready for the show. I wore this black dress and these shoes with some tights.

For my make-up I used the make-up revolution eye shadow palette. 

I used the two brown shadows at he bottom and the red one on the right at the bottom. 

It was a bit stressful so we kind of ran to the train which wasn’t so good for my feet but we made it. To go to the theater you have to take the ferry which is just so so cool. 

We also had some tickets to see a backstage tour. I did two of these before so I was really excited for this one. It was different to the other ones because you didn’t walk around as much but still really cool to see and we were allowed to go on the stage 😍. (But you are not allowed to take any pictures so I can’t show you anything)

The musical is one of the most popular ones in Germany. Since 15 years I hear all the time how amazing the musical is which builds a really high expectation up. It wasn’t bad, it was still cute and nice but I don’t have to see it again.

But all in all the whole experience was just so cool. Traveling to Hamburg and seeing the show was just incredible.❤

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