Last day in Hamburg 

Allgemein, travel

On the last day we had some sun but also rain and it was just really really cold.

But first of all we went downstairs to have some breakfast and we packed our suitcase and our bags. Then we went outside to see a bit more of the city.

We went to the ”Elbtunnel’ which is a little tube you can walk underneath. It was really cool to walk there.

It is so crazy that you literally walk underneath the water.

On the other side you had an incredible view so I had to take loads of pictures. 

After that we walked back and went to the ”Speicherstadt’ which is a part of the city in hamburg. I wanted to go there for so bad because the TV show ”Pfefferkörner’ (German show) plays there. It is a kids show and I watched it for so many years so it was really cool to go there.

And it is just so beautiful even by rain. 

We also went to an old coffee shop and I bought some typical coffee from the ”speicherstadt’ for my dad and some fruit tea for myself. 

After that we went to the chocolate museum and bought some chocolate. For my brother we bought a chocolate which is called ‘Sternschanze’ which is the name of the part of the city where our hotel was and it is just so beautiful there with all the little shops.

Then we went to the airport and waited for our flight. We flew back in the dark which was so cool because all he city lights look so beautiful 😍.

I had a really really nice time in hamburg with my mum and my sister. ❤

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