Fantastic beasts and where to find them – review (no spoilers)

#review, Allgemein

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love the book and the films and just everything Harry Potter related. Of course I was more excited than ever when I found out that they are realising a new movie.

Yes, I also knew it wouldn’t be the same as the movies I am used to, but I was really interested on how the movie would turn out.

I heard a lot of amazing things already before I even watched the film so my expectations where high and knowing that ‘Eddie Redmayne’ would play the main character was just the best thing that could happen.

So I watched the movie and first of all the atmosphere was just amazing. Loads of people turned up to the cinema although there were thousands of presentations threw out the day. One guy turned up wearing the Griffindor scarf.

I LOVED the film. First I wasn’t sure because yes it is different to the others but I knew that. The performances of all the actors were incredible and I was just so happy to see some magic again. Hearing the words ‘Hogwarts’ and ‘Dumbledore ‘ made me so happy. Although I am not going to say that it was ‘better’ than ‘Harry Potter’. I don’t think you can compare the movies. They tell two different stories. Yes there are some equal things but the style is just so different and with excepting that you are going to enjoy watching and loving this new magical movie.

It is funny, hearttouching and gripping. It shows a new magical world you are going to love. New beats you have never heard off.

I am so excited for the upcoming movies and about the story they are going to tell us.

I just really hope the next movie is going to play in London because for me this is just the most magical city in the world.

Now there’s some more magic in our lifes . ❤

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