Pamper routine 

Allgemein, Random

Who doesn’t love a nice chilled day or evening with face masks, a bath or shower and a nice series to watch. 

Today was a day like this and I enjoyed it so much. You feel so much better when you take a little time for yourself.

And I created an own face mask which is so incredible and I am going to use this one more often. 

You will need: 1 tsp honey, half a tsp baking soda and half a tsp lemon juice (I only had orange juice which worked good too). Then you just mix everything together and put it on your face where you need it.

My face feels so soft and amazing you need to try this easy face mask out. 

I am not the bath lover so I had a nice shower. I love to use a scrab in my shower routine because it makes your skin feel so much softer and healthier. The scrab I used is by a brand called ‘Rituals’.

For series to watch I highly recommend watching ‘Gilmore girls’. I recently started watching the show and it is by far one of my favorite series ever. I can’t wait to start watching the new episodes.

If you want to watch a movie I recommend watching ‘The imitation game’ and ‘The theory of everything’. Both amazing movies and ‘The theory of everything’ is just so incredible beautiful and hearttouching, you need to watch it. And Eddie Redmayne plays amazingly incredible good.

Popcorn is a most have for a cosy movie day.

Especially at this time of the year I love to drink some tea or Kinderpunsch and it makes you feel so warm and cosy it is just amazing. 

Also staying in your PJs all day is probably the best thing. I am currently living in these ones, I bought them at Primark and they are the cosiest ones.

I hope you have an amazing chilled day and you take some time for yourself. ❤

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