1 year old 🎉🎂

Allgemein, baking, birthday

My blog celebrates its first birthday today 🙈. How crazy?! 1 year flew by… I never thought I would have so much fun blogging about my life. And although not 100s of people are reading this I enjoy it so much. I love scrolling threw my old posts and capture my memories here forever. 

I was so scared starting this but I couldn’t be happier that I did it. This year was so crazy and exciting for me. 

I got my first job, went to 3 musicals, lots of concerts, went to cinema nearly everyday and watched so many amazing movies, read ‘Me before you’, ‘All the bright places’, ‘The amazing book is not on fire’. I discovered my huge love for two British youtubers who make me laugh every single day (Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil), for a lovely girl (FabulousHannah) which brights up my days.

I met my Internet friend for the first time ❤, went to Italy twice, spent so much money on Asos 😅😅, bought a new phone, discovered a band called 1975 and became so obsessed with them. 🎵🎶

Watched ‘Sherlock’, ‘Gilmore girls’, ‘The theory of everything’, ‘The imitation game’, ‘Fantastic beasts’ and ‘Doctor Strange’. Became hugely obsessed with two actors called Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch. Discovered the most beautiful series about a mom and her daughter.

And I shared nearly everything here. This really became my life 😅. I love my blog so much 🎉.  Happy birthday 🎂.

On my first post I shared a recipe for gingerbread men. They turned out so good and I really wanted to make them again. 😊 These are like a birthday cake for my blog.

The recipe is for about 10 gingerbread men.

Last year: 

This year:

I wish you could smell how good the whole flat smells. 

Thanks to everybody who’s reading this post or any other post here on Glücksgeist. ❤

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