First day of Plätzchen 

Allgemein, christmas

Finally it’s the time for Christmas cookies, Christmas music all over the place, Christmas movies and the Christmas magic. ❤ I love this time of the year so so much! 🎄☃

To celebrate the start of this amazing month I am going to bake loads of Christmas cookies because they just taste good in December.

Also it’s kind of a tradition to bake some Plätzchen on the first of December. 

Also vlogmas starts today which I am so excited about because I love watching all the videos so much. My favorite is by far ‘Zoella’ but I am really excited for ‘Niomi Smart’s’ vlogmas because it is the first time that she’s doing it. ❤

I hope you had an amazing first day in December. I am so excited for you to see the other 23 posts. 🎄🎀🎁

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