Advent calendar 

Allgemein, christmas

I love advent calendars so so much 😍. They are just such an amazing build up to Christmas.

This year I really wanted a simple chocolate calendar. I always had them when I was younger and didn’t have one in ages.

My mum also bought me the ikea chocolate advent calendar which gives 2 euros to charity which I think is just amazing 😊 and you get chocolate.

And because she’s just the best mum she also created a calendar herself for me and my siblings. ❤

But I also wanted to create a calendar for my amazing mum. I tried this a few times already and always failed. But this time it’s not going to happen!

And I found this amazing one which you can fill yourself, online. (‘’ for the German ones or ‘Flying tigers)


I actually can’t believe that I have 24 fillings which I am so happy with. It was so much fun creating this and I know my mum is going to love it. 😍

I really wanted to included some sparkly socks which I found on Asos. My mum loves glitter.

I love doing face masks and because I am doing so many my mum became obsessed too. They are so fun to make so I bought loads for my mum.

Also what calendar doesn’t include chocolate? I went for the mini ‘Ritter Sport’ ones because they are so cute and fit perfectly into the case. 

For the sixth I ordered the ‘Jem’ DVD. Because it’s St. Nicholas’ Day I wanted a bigger present which doesn’t fit in the calendar but that’s okay. Last year the movie ‘Jem’ was supposed to come to cinema but because the movie has such a bad rating they didn’t play it. My mum, my sister and I were so excited to see it but yeah. Now we can watch it all together.

I also included a few little gift cards to the calendar. One is for a free entry to the cinema, another one for the biggest hug in the whole world. 😊🤗

And there are also two NYX lip products which I ordered from Asos too. I love NYX so much and I borrowed one lipstick to my mum and she loves them now too so I thought it would be nice to give her some more.

Christmas means for me spending time with my family and to be together with the people you love. It’s not just about the presents but after all these years I thought it was time to give something back to my mum. I love her so much. ❤

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