An amazing St. Nicholas’ Day

Allgemein, christmas

Today was such an amazing day, like so good and I really wanted to keep it.

The only kind of not soo ‘good’ thing was that I slept very badly and then woke up at 6/7. But that meant that I had so much more time.

First of all I got a present from my mum for St. Nicholas’ Day. A chocolate Milka Christmas man and the new book from Zoe aka Zoella ‘Girl online going solo’. 

Of course I spent most of the day reading and I am nearly finished, sadly. But the book is so so freaking good, I absolutely love it and I want to visit Edinburgh now even more badly.

(Finished it, wow, just sosososososooooooooooo incredibly magical)

I am currently baking a lot of Christmas cookies as some of you might saw, so of course I had to bake some more today. Zimtsterne are one of my favorite Christmas cookies and I wanted to bake some for some badly.

I am very pleased on how they turned out. 😊

Recipe is coming tomorrow. I ate some many already, they are so so delicious. 

And how could the day get even better? I got my mum for St. Nicholas’ DAY the movie ‘Jem’ on dvd. We wanted to watch it for a year now and we finally started last night. ❤ She was so happy when she received the dvd. 😊

I had such a nice day 🎄, I hope you too.

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