Giving back 

Allgemein, christmas

I think it is so great to donate money to charities, you don’t only feel much better, it also helps a lot. Although it is amazing if you donate threw out the year but at this time of the year many people are more likely to give something to others.

I looked for 2 charities I want to support.

I think one of the worst thing in our daily life is struggling with bullying in any form. It sadly effects so many lifes not just for the moment but for many years. It can really break you and your confidence. I want to help other people who struggle or struggled with this in their life. 

I found this amazing organisation who helps people who get bullied.
I donated 5 pound. If you can donate what ever you can effort it would be so amazing.

They are also selling T-shirts and stuff like that so you get something in your hands for donating. 

I also wanted to donate some money to cancer research.

This link is for the German cancer research, feel free to donate to what ever charity you are comfortable with. But it is so important to think of all the people who fight on their daily basis.

Have a wonderful day and maybe think of the people who aren’t as lucky as some of us are.

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