Christmas crackers DIY

Allgemein, christmas

In Germany we don’t have Christmas crackers on christmas. But I love the idea of it and wanted to have some this year too. But because they don’t sell them in Germany buying them online is a bit expensive. So I decided to make them myself and wow they are so easy to do and so fun to make.

The good thing on doing them yourself is that you can fill them with what ever comes into your mind. I am planning this in September but you can never be too early for Christmas 😉. 

I decided to fill mine with a couple of celebrations. (Let me know what your favorite one is, mine is the Malteser one)

First of all you need a few toilet rolls. I collected them over the last weeks.

Take the wrapping paper of your choice and cut a big piece of it off. Keep in mind that the paper needs to be long enough to pull it later.

Wrapp it around the roll and put some sellotape to make it last.  (try to don’t put sellotape at the ends of the paper rolls otherwise it can be hard to pull it off later)

Twist the end of the roll once and tie a knot with the tape of your choice. I went for this one.

Fill some celebrations into the roll. 

Then twist the other side and tie a knot there. 

Finished is your Christmas cracker. Know you can pull it an celebrations will fly out.

I think this is such a cute thing to do on christmas. I am so excited to do this with my family for the first time.

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