A day with my friend

Allgemein, christmas

Seeing friends is so important and so nice. At this time of the year I just want to see all my friends and hug them and spend time with them because I do really miss them.

So I took the train to see one of my closest friends I know for more than 10 years now. She moved away to study music, but the train journey only is an hour so it isn’t crazy far away.

I never saw here flat before so I was really excited.

But first of all we went into a cute little café to have some breakfast and it was just so nice. We both went for waffles and I also went for a tea (she went for a coffee).

Then she showed me her room and flat and the flat is really really nice and her room looks just so incredible. I gave her some Christmas cookies I brought with me and she was really happy about them. Then we drunk some more tea and went outside. 

I wanted to cut my hair for a long time so we went to a hair dresser and now I have a pony.

The hair dresser was a bit weird but in the end really nice and I think he did a great job. 

We also went to the Christmas market and ate a ‘Bratwurst’ and some chips.

We walked around the town which is just so beautiful and christmassy and later went to a café again and just drunk some hot lemon.

Then we walked to the castle which is just so beautiful. But it sadly was closed.

After that we went back to hers and just talked and talked and then I had to take the train home.

I missed her so much and it was so nice to see her. ❤

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