Shoes I like to wear when it’s cold outside

There’s nothing better for a girl than shoes ;). I collected a few threw out the years and I wanted to share my favorite ones with you.

I ordered them about 3 years ago on ‘Boohoo’ and I am so obsessed with them. I nearly wore them to death so I think I have to get rid of them at some point, but I just can’t.


I love these shoes. I got them last year for less than half the price in a German shoe shop 


And these ones I stole from my mum. They are so comfy and so warm, I am so obsessed with them.


As some of you might know I went to Hamburg a few weeks ago and I bought these shoes there. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They look so chic, but are still more than comfy. I wouldn’t wear them when it snows outside, but on a brisk day they are fine.


And again, stole them from my mum. But I think everybody needs some good black boots.

Let me know what your favorite shoes are.

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